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Applelounge offers small and medium businesses a very cost effective solution for their Web Content Management system.

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Web Content Management

Content Management

A website can remain hidden and invisible despite the best of 'design' and product offerred if the content written in the website remains stale. In order to keep the 'visitors' floating in everyday, it is essential that content should be 'fresh' and 'new'. However, maintaining the 'fresh' content can be difficult with high price of hiring content writers to 'update' your content. It can also cost a lot to use 'content' from an online site everymonth.

It can also be difficult to update your site with new information every month about the product, your services, 'news', and so on and so forth. What you need is to 'hire' someone else's content management tools instead of investing in your own!

Applelounge offers small and medium businesses a very cost effective solution for their content management system. Applelounge's simple content management system tools are excellent for sites that do not want to 'hire' a programmer themselves.

Applelounge ALSO offers customized and high end knowledge management systems for technical websites and high end organizations that especially deal with 'databases' and 'transfer' of 'knowledge' and 'content'.

Applelounge offers 'SHOPPING CART' templates for those websites who want to update their products and product description regularly for a very cost effective price.

Shopping Cart templates can also be 'leased' by the clients.






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"Applelounge has provided us one step solution for all our needs and their professional team has saved us 40% in cost saving. "

 Paul Dobbs, Icoachusa.com

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