Pay Per Click Optimization

Pay Per Click Optimization is an engagement with online communities to generate exposure, opportunity and sales.

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Pay Per Click Optimization

Making Money on EACH click!

The most efficient money making model on the internet where both the seller of the services and the site that publishes it benefits is the PAY PER CLICK! Did you know that 35% of the search results are paid for. If you have your site listed in a pay per click search engine (most popular one is Google, overture etc.), then whenever a visitor clicks on the link to go to your site, you must pay something to the search engine. Alternatively if you have someone else's link on YOUR site, the site pays YOU every time someone clicks on their link. This can vary from 1 pence or cent all the way up to $14 just for one click depending on how much a seller wants to pay!

There are also many other smaller pay per click sites. The advantage of these smaller pay per click search engines is that they usually cost a lot less to get the top spot. There has been an increase in PPC from last year, as web search becomes more complex, more and more people are going through PPC as it becomes more relevant to search key words & phrases.

What Applelounge does is monitor YOUR campaign and ADVERTISE on the best possible Search Engines on your behalf depending on your product and budget so YOU don't have to waste your time searching among the many engines and sites to find the solution for your product. It is OUR headache!






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"Applelounge has provided us one step solution for all our needs and their professional team has saved us 40% in cost saving. "

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