Business Research Strategies

Applelounge has been involved in Business Research Strategies, Buzz or viral marketing for many compaigns and has conducted special research on the subject.

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Business Research Strategies

We research asking several questions and providing links to answer those questions for short, mid long term business growth solutions.

Applelounge has been involved in Buzz or viral marketing for many compaigns and has conducted special research on the subject. According to our survey,"A good viral campaign is one where ROI are extraordinary, it should run in a manner virus does. The product should be promoted by word of mouth or forwarded links without cost implication and should be of high margin in order to offer 1/2 price, free for a year."

CPM (Cost per thousand Impressions)

If you are buying CPM Units then you can be assured of high quality website traffic. We generate them through a number of reliable sources and in-house methods which provide a quality multi-faceted marketing campaign.

All Impressions are guaranteed to be unique in a calendar day!!

In addition to this we have developed a special 'Unique IP Recognition System' that will ensure the traffic you get is geographically 100% accurate.

CPL (Cost per Lead)

All advertisers that opt for this method of exposure will receive a special page for capturing leads or you can create your own lead capture page. We market this page until the set number of leads are collected.

The benefits of this option is two-fold. You pay for guaranteed results, and they can be delivered to you in real time via email and/or can be updated in your members area where you can download them when you want them.

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