The Six Rules of Search Analysis

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The Six Rules of Search Analysis

Internet Marketing Articles

If you need to find the ‘right’ keywords for search engine optimization and are researching the pattern of ‘search’ for analysis purposes, here are some guidelines (that we have divided into six golden rules) that will assist you greatly:

Rule Number 1   Assumptions are bad for Search Engine Optimization. If you want ‘real’ keywords that people use, research real-time data from user logs. Once you have found the most used keywords, test it! If it works, you have hit jackpot!

Rule Number 2 Check the feedback! Check if the ‘keywords’ you have anticipated for the website are actually used. Check the number of ‘clicks’. Patterns also change with time, so going back and checking user logs and click patterns is advised.

Rule Number 3
Use Keywords that are not part of your website cleverly. Provide other links in your site if possible.

Rule Number 4 Use limited amount of words and URLs in a webpage. Providing too many links becomes an issue when they go dead every few months. Add plural of words in keywords for instance ‘furniture store’ and ‘furniture stores’ both.

Rule Number 5 Test, test and test each keyword that you put in. For instance - what happens if a potential user will enter one word vis-à-vis two words or a phrase? Buy Music (two words) or Buy Music Online (phrase) or just one word Music can yield different results!

Rule Number 6
Keep your Keywords up to date and in current context. Don’t use bombastic language. Keep is simple! Make sure you check each and every link and URL to make sure they ‘work’!

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The Six Rules of Search Analysis

If you need to find the 'right' keywords for search engine optimization and are researching the pattern of 'search' for analysis purposes, here are some guidelines

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