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Site Search Catalogue

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Search Indexer is a program that reads the text of the documents to be searched and stores them in an efficient searchable form usually called the index or the catalogue. Web site indexers save files in a web server directory, to make it easy for the search engine to find it when clicks on the keyword or looks for information on a website. Distant search engines save the information of index files on their particular servers. Here is how different Indexers work!

Local File Indexers index files based on their location in the directory and will index by file name, type, extension, and/or location. These indexers can also check for system update to see if some indexes are new or have been modified.
Removal of Duplicate Files is done regularly by local file indexers; therefore search results don't show many copies of the same page.

Local indexers will get the page exactly as it appears on the local disk and not include dynamic data. Which is really a good thing because many a times dynamic elements of a website like navigation bars are repeated unnecessarily.

A webmaster has to be careful about which files are allowed to stay in the indexed site directory. If incorrect files are indexed, visitors can get access to these files via the search engine. 

Robot Spider Indexers locate files to index by following links. They use HTTP and are slow compared to local file indexers. Unlike the local file indexers, Robot spider indexers will display each page exactly as a browser. Unfortunately, they are unable to catalogue unlinked files, therefore ignore extra files in the directory. 


Link Exchange a New Way

You see everyone talking about Content writing ; even content writing has changed over the years. Earlier it used to be simple optimization by getting the main keyword phrases on your site and simply receiving links. In couple of days you would notice tha

Secret of website design India

Website design has not just evolved over the years but been revolutionized with our changing needs. In the beginning of cyber age and Website design a site simply portraying your products and services with some pictures or text was more than sufficient.

Plan your website design

Planning your website designis extremely important, it is just like taking any other important decision in your business. In a nutshell, you carefully look around at competitors, do a market research if required and then hire the best company that suits y

Useful tips that may increase traffic on your blog or site

Well, there are many ways of increasing traffic, but the most recognized one is of course the content you have on your site. You will find few tips that would assist you in increasing traffic to your site or blogs.

Website Design the CSS way

We talk about table less design these days so that they are more search engine friendly. So what is this table free designs. Well, it is not really new it is just that search engines have started giving CSS more importance now as Web 2.0 standards are ad

Guidelines to get your Website Accessible

our credibility of your market is now days decided by the quality of your website. If you are getting lot of traffic to your site then we would say you are well placed in the market.

Conversion of customers is important than just traffic

Well, lot of SEO companies say they can bring traffic to your site, but the traffic is just not good enough, you need targeted audience that can be converted into sales. That is what is important for any company is to improve sales. Potential of Online sa

The Six Rules of Search Analysis

If you need to find the 'right' keywords for search engine optimization and are researching the pattern of 'search' for analysis purposes, here are some guidelines

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Going 'green' and organic are the buzzwords in today's global environment. So, why should the users of World Wide Web, Internet, Intranet and Extranet not use the buzzwords as well?

Site Search Catalogue

Search Indexer is a program that reads the text of the documents to be searched and stores them in an efficient searchable form usually called the index or the catalogue.

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