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Link Exchange a New Way

Internet Marketing Articles

You see everyone talking about Content writing ; even content writing has changed over the years. Earlier it used to be simple optimization by getting the main keyword phrases on your site and simply receiving links. In couple of days you would notice that when you sent out 100 odd link requests, you have received forty odd links in just three or four days. Wow, now that's a story of the past, link exchange and basic optimization has changed over the years, with new software supporting link exchange services providing new ways of getting links each day.

Well in order to be ahead of time, every now and then SEO companies pay to buy links on several sites, these days paying based on the PR of a site. PR is known as Page Rank provided by Google, based on the traffic a particular site receives. If a site gets several links from PR site for example of a rating 5, then suddenly your site gets a ranking of PR 5 and that is the way moving forward. Ofcourse, you want tons of traffic on your site and not just a PR of 5. So you would spend some amount on Adwords on Google, Overture, Live etc. Well, they do bring in traffic but a small percentage, you don't want to be thousands of dollars in red before you even reap the benefits of being on the top position.

Well, one learns by mistake and to discover true optimization, one has to have some power to buy text links now and then on popular sites. As when lot of people start doing that, then the value of such a thing drops and Search Engines also opt for different ways of scanning through their search results. You have to keep on working on your site again and again to maintain true rankings. Ofcourse, you cannot control it if Google decides to switch off, just kidding that is not going to happen.

Well, when you look at top rankings for keyphrases such as Christmas Gifts, Clothes etc. It may not be clear at once, but the top based sites have top quality inbound links to their site, that is the reason they are on top for those keyphrases. You will start noticing such things if you can do a on Google to find out the inbound links, or a simple search on Alexa to find its ranking and sites that link that site to. An easier way which sites are adapting are the new triangle. Basically, you need to be ahead of the game creating a triangle of links targeting your site. By triangle here I mean is that you request link from a site, get an inbound link and provide a reciprocal link to another site. So it creates links all the way around, easy as pie of cake. Well, not really as easy as buying piece of cake, there are 100 other companies that are doing this and you will be bombarded with requests, you have to also get the webmasters to agree to what you wish to do. Search engines are also actively looking at sites who does this and banning them. So be careful and particular of what you pick. You may find only two useful links from a 100 requests you receive.

You need patience and lot of hard work but you will see the gains.


Link Exchange a New Way

You see everyone talking about Content writing ; even content writing has changed over the years. Earlier it used to be simple optimization by getting the main keyword phrases on your site and simply receiving links. In couple of days you would notice tha

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